WEB MODEL DOT SPACE is an experimental architecture studio concerned primarily with the research and development of media structures – broadly defined.

Our current research looks at the spatial opportunities of archival information – a process we refer to as “embodying the archive”. This work begins with LiDAR scanning technology and ultimately envisions and develops a variety of thematic experiences from the data sets.

Two goals within this work are to 1/ document and archive buildings indicative of cultural legacies within the city over time and 2/ provide opportunities for expanded engagement and interpretation of these buildings through mixed reality and multimedia formats.

This work has been supported by the MacDowell Colony, NEW INC, Art Omi: Architecture, and LTU CoAD. Recent phase 01 iterations of this work debuted at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art ( BMoCA ) and the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit ( MOCAD ).

" Web Model Dot Space becomes an entry point, or portal, to critical dialogue around how existing spaces can facilitate visionary use. Our everyday built environment is filled with static, ancient architectures and institutions that symbolize a kind of permanence. Jones’ architectures are forward-thinking in how they reimagine these familiar spaces in unfamiliar, sensory ways. The viewer steps inside this shift in place; an experience that prompts consideration of how inclusive these sites have historically been in terms of diversity of people, methodologies, and thinking." - Pam Meadows - BMoCA 2021

woodward StJoseph 2ndBaptist

Woodward Avenue Presbyterian Church

8501 Woodward Avenue
Sidney Bagley


St. Joseph Oratory

1828 Jay St.
Francis Himpler


Second Baptist Church

441 Monroe Street
William E. N. Hunter


2ndBaptist_B Christchurch StJoseph

Second Baptist Church Basement

441 Monroe Street
William E. N. Hunter


Christ Church Detroit

960 East Jefferson Avenue
Gordon W. Lloyd


Fort Street Presbyterian Church

631 West Fort Street
O.+ A. Jordan

1855, 1877

PeterPaul TempleBethEl Cranbrook

Saints Peter and Paul Church

629 East Jefferson Avenue
Francis Letouneau, Peter Kindenkins


Temple Beth El

7400 Telegraph Road
Minoru Yamasaki


Cranbrook 2d Department Utility Room

39221 Woodward Avenue
Eliel Saarinen



St. Francis de Sales

2929 McCracken St.
Marcel Breuer